There is Force in My Fruit (devilsaredhead) wrote,
There is Force in My Fruit

Have you given up on me?

Today I taught a class of four and five year olds and moved down the classroom to a class of two and three year olds. There really is an extreme difference in these two age groups and I need to get used to that, I think. Teaching kids to use their singing voices and keep a steady beat is harder than you would imagine. It is also hard to deal with incredibly catty women who give you a hundred mean looks for no apparent reason. It is also very difficult to go from having very little professional responsibility to having this really serious investment- a job that leaves you planning for the next day well into the evening. I was walking through a parking lot on one of the colder mornings recently and it dawned on me that the awkward clack of high heels and the faint smell of perfume was me, that I was less than a month from twenty five, it was seven in the morning ...and that this was serious.

I got a rough mix of the song "Julie" last weekend. It has taken a little while to get used to. I decided on a slower more melodic version as to keep the more angry, faster version something unique for the live shows...and it's hard to get used to hearing. It's good, I think, but different.
This is why I never finish a recording. I love you as much as I love my songs and I don't want to let you down. But I've held my tongue and mulled through it. It's almost done!
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