There is Force in My Fruit (devilsaredhead) wrote,
There is Force in My Fruit

Some of these things are important.

So I forgot to tell you what was so awesome about that weekend. Um. I will later. It was fun, though, I promise.
I am currently sick and even though I should be rolling around obsessing about how I good I don't feel-- I feel pretty good because I came onto livejournal and found really sweet presents for me (that I don't really deserve. I'll write you soon, I swear.) and so I need to make a list.

Things to remember today:

How lucky I am. (Remember you were called/checked up on all day.)
How lucky I am. (Remember that you made a promise that you would call if you needed anything, ANYTHING at all to help you get better.)
How lucky I am. (That you selfishly overreacted for the 7,000th time and you were forgiven...again...for the 7,000th time. And this is why you're sick and you deserve it. Promise yourself you'll try your hardest not to go crazy next month.)
Justin Timberlake.
Paula Abdul's stupid reality show on YouTube.
Some awesome show dates coming up!
Still being a Muse.
That mixed CD. (It's got you writing, finally.)
Jamie's HOME!!

It's a sort of surreal feeling being this openly in love with my life and also openly in pain. It's like being really over caffeinated.
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