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Hey Mama

This isn't something I would normally be affected by-- but this is a total exception. I've always really liked Kanye West, even when he goes on for hours about how awesome he is...he's unapologetic and charming. When I found out his mother died I got really wrapped into the story of how close they were and how her sudden death really, openly devastated him. A couple of nights ago in Paris he tried to perform the song "Hey Mama" (which he wrote for her) and broke down visibly on stage.
Watch this clip-- and not because you want to see someone cry or be really sad but because there is something really inspiring about this larger than life artist becoming very small and real and human and how suddenly, from his band members consoling him to the way the crowd reacts, he's got this stadium of support. It's really moving.

It kind of reminds me that we all love each other still.
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